Life Blood

by Paul Arow

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Life Blood contains songs written from the heart about stories of love, romance and inspiration. All of the songs are timeless classics that you will enjoy listening to again and again.


released January 19, 2012

All songs are composed and arranged by Paul Arow
Graphic design by Sterling Hockamier
Photography by J.P. Flores


all rights reserved



Paul Arow Phoenix, Arizona

Paul Arow is a gifted singer/songwriter who arranges and produces quality music. The music is easy-listening, country rock, blues and light rock written in a classic style. Check out Paul's releases - Life Blood, Spiritual Man (Goin' Home), and Russian Lullaby Song. Paul has had a lifelong love of music and started writing songs during high school and is currently a producer/ recording artist. ... more

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Track Name: Life Blood
Life Blood

God gave my love to me
Spun from a spindle of gold
Her soul entwined with mine
She was made to complete my all

She gives me love, love, love
She’s the lifeblood
She gives me love, love, love
She’s the life blood

She satisfies all my desires
Her love is all I need
She holds me tight in her arms
She’s a beautiful angel to me

And as we spend our lives together
And live out our destiny
We will share each moment deep in our hearts
And give each other everything
Everything - to the ends of the earth

And as we go through the rainy days
We will hold each other tight
When times are kinda rough
We will hold onto each other’s lifeline
Track Name: Rainbow of Love
Rainbow of Love

She takes me to a special place
Where she begins to interlace
With colors in the mist
I'm ridin' on a natural high
She paints her love across the sky
She's a rainbow of love

Ridin’ on that rainbow of love
Higher than the clouds above
She's a rainbow of love
She's a rainbow of love

Her love is as good as gold
Out of the mother-lode
Given from her heart
Her love never fades away
Its luster brightens every day
Like riches at rainbows end

Sometimes it seems like fantasy
Far away from reality
But I know what she gives me
I see colors painted all around
She has got me spellbound
She gave me a rainbow of love
Track Name: Apple of My Eye
Apple of My Eye

You're my everything
Love’s sweet tenderness
You were meant for me
We're a real success
In your tiny hands
You hold my captive soul
When I first saw you
Knew we'd be on a roll

You make me laugh
Without you I would cry
When I am down
You lift my spirit high

Cause you're the apple of my eye
Take good care of me don't cry
Keep your fingers in the pie
You're the apple of my eye

I'll be there for you
Whenever you need me
Growin' isn't easy
You know it takes love you will see
And when you're older
I'll see you now and then
Always remember
I'll always be your friend

Like a stern lamppost
I'll stand and guide the way
You can count on me
Every single day
Track Name: Mutual Love
Mutual Love

You know our love belongs together
So I give everything to you
We'll share you love from heart to heart
As we walk down the avenue

Make it mutual love
Cause mutual love
Comes from heaven above
When it's mutual love
We'll fly on the wings of a dove

And as our love grows together
Throughout the winter and fall
We'll make it blossom, we'll make it bloom
In summer and spring give it all

Mutual love is sharin' your heart
Anytime, anyway, anywhere
It’s believin’ in the one you belong to
And showin' that you always care

Now if love gets built on solid rock
Then it's firm in the ground and alright
But if love gets built on top of shifting sand
Then it falls in the wind and the night
Track Name: The Truck Drivin’ Song
The Truck Drivin’ Song
Copyright 2012 by Paul Arow

I was drivin’ a load down the highway
Saw a girl who was standin’ in the road
She was wavin’ me down outside of Tucson town
So I picked her up just for the ride
She said she was headed to Nogales
It was ninety miles out of my way
Said her name was just Chris and she gave me a kiss
When I pulled over to the roadside

She looked like a free and gentle angel child
Warmer than the sunlight rays
And I was just I scared and lonely boy sailin’ away
Down that highway
Say ya goin my way?
Honey I will take you anywhere you wanna go
Don’t you know?

Said she was meetin’ a friend down at the border
And she asked me to wait ‘till he arrived
But wouldn’t you know he never did show
So I gave her a place for the night
We crashed out in my queen sized sleeper
Soon I woke to the new morning dawn
When she opened her eyes she said I’ve got a surprise
And she made it feel oh so right

Repeat Chorus

Well I dropped her off in Alamogordo
And headed out to New Orleans
I drank a cup of black mud to perk up my blood
And drove it straight through on down that white line
I don’t know if I ever will see her
And I still think of her now and then
I just keep drivin’ this road puliin’ my load
And countin’ those highway signs

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: The Well Went Dry
The Well Went Dry

Without her love where will I be?
She broke my heart and she set me free
No clouds on a summer’s day
The rain died when she went away

Since the well went dry
The well went dry
Without her love where am I?
The well went dry

Don’t know why she made me cry
I’m all hung out and left to dry
Fell down flat upon my back
Like a train gone off the track

Felt her knife cut to the bone
When she left me, made me moan
Down the river love’s been sold
The days are hot the nights are cold
Track Name: Straighten Up Your Life
Straighten Up Your Life

Straighten up your life
Better look around
Straighten up your life
Or the walls will come down
What do you see?
A superficial face
You wear for me
Don’t leave no trace

You better straighten up your life
You better straighten up your life

Look at the reflection
Starin’ at you
Don’t like the complexion
What will you do?
Your life’s in a gutter
You’re all alone
Your minds aflutter
Ain’t got no home
Track Name: You're the One for Me
You’re the One for Me

We'll share our love together
Girl you make me happy every day
I love you more than ever
Each day you take the emptiness away
Through hard times and stormy weather
You're the only one who sets me free
Come what may I know our love's forever
Girl I know you're the one for me

You're the one for me
Girl you set me free
Love was meant to be
You're the one for - you’re the one for me

Now hold me close I love you
You keep my heart warm from the cold
You feel the love as I do
Spillin' out from heavens pot of gold
Today we start life anew
Just take my hand don't let go
Let all our dreams come true
Love will grow beyond what now we know
Track Name: Paradise Found
Paradise Found

My heart was like a lonely paradise
Captured on an island without life
You rescued me from hurt and sacrifice
And you were paradise found

I was paradise lost
You were paradise found
Before we met my heart was lost
Till you were paradise found

You touched my broken spirit with your heart
And to our paradise we embarked
The stars above foretold of life’s start
That you were meant for me

To a lonely paradise
I was sent away
When you came we set sail
On a holiday

Repeat Chorus

Each day I walk on our love tropic isle
I thank God my heart's no longer exiled
To a dark and des’late domicile
Forever I am free
Track Name: Grand Design
Grand Design

There is a grand design
The heavens foretell of its birth
There’s a power that fills all the universe
There’s a meaning and life has worth

And all nature cries out
Of the grand design
The grand design
The grand design
The grand design

There’s a greatness that rules all the earth
And all life is a part of its plan
There’s a reason and purpose for everything
There’s a soul in the heart of each man

It’s a mystery to understand
How this life-force began
It’s eternal and everlasting
And more vast than the stars and the sands
It is greater than the oceans
And the winds that command the skies
It is bigger than the mountains
And the sun in the heavens so high